Finnegan’s Standard Goods is the “Little Brother” brand of Bella Bean Couture. Over the 16 years of developing and designing Bella Bean Couture, owner Michelle Clinton found she was gravitating toward a different, more rustic, sophisticated, often bohemian, look. Since Bella Bean has its own established look, we decided to develop a new brand. And of course our little French bulldog Finnegan would be the muse for such a brand.

Why is there a No. 3, you ask? A couple of reasons: Finnegan was our third pup at the time of the launching the brand. Also, 3 is a magic number—representing Heart, Brain, and Body, as well as Past, Present, and Future. We hope your pup enjoys the protection and spirit of the No.3

Michelle continues to develop and design for both Bella Bean Couture and Finnegan’s Standard Goods, with the number one objective being the production of the most fashionable, chic, classic designs. And remember, your pup’s only true accessory is its collar, so make it exceptional.

All items are handmade in San Francisco, California, USA.